If we don’t have your answer, please call (707) 963-9327 or email info@charbaywinery.com.


Can I book a private visit?2024-02-08T14:27:22-08:00

You sure can. We can only take a maximum of 7 guests at each visit. If there are 7 people, you can book all spots. Or if you have less than 7, you can still book out all 7 spots. The private fee is $300.

Can I book for less than 7 people?2024-02-08T14:29:24-08:00

You are welcome to book anywhere between 1 and 7 guests. If you would like to book a private visit, you can book out all 7 spots, whether there are 7 of you or not. If you are less than 7 and don’t want a private visit, you will be paired up with the other guests booked at the same time. It’s a great way to make new friends while enjoying our unique winery and spectacular location in Napa Valley.

Can I bring my kids and/or pets?2023-09-28T18:56:54-07:00

We are totally family-oriented, so you are welcome to bring kiddos and respectful dogs.

What about if I have over 7 in my group?2023-10-18T21:05:57-07:00

I’m sorry but we are restricted to a maximum of 7 people at a time.

What times are you open?2024-02-08T14:31:47-08:00

We are only open by appointment on Saturdays at 11am. You can make a booking online through Cellarpass (add link), call (707) 963-9327 or email info@charbaywinery.com

Are reservations required ?2024-02-08T14:33:30-08:00
Reservations are required to visit us and we are only open on Saturdays at 11am. We keep the group sizes small and intimate, at a maximum of 7. In this way we can give you the special attention you deserve. You can book out all 7 spots if you’d like a private visit. 
Make your reservation online through Cellarpass, call (707) 963-9327 or email info@charbaywinery.com 
What if my shipment arrived and I wasn’t there to sign for it?2023-09-28T18:28:15-07:00

If your order is not successfully delivered and is returned back to us, we will contact you to arrange re-shipment. The carrier will make three delivery attempts before returning the package to us. Please note that if your wine is returned to us, you will be charged the shipping cost required to re-send the package.

What if my delivery is damaged?2023-09-27T23:35:52-07:00

Bottles are fragile and issues arise from time to time. Call us at (707) 963-9327 or email info@charbaywinery.com, and we will fix the situation quickly.

How do I return my wine?2023-09-27T23:34:39-07:00

If you’re not satisfied with any of the products from us, call us (707) 963-9327 or email info@charbaywinery.com within six months of purchase and we’ll make it right.

What is your returns policy?2023-09-27T23:57:01-07:00

At Domaine Charbay, we’re relentless in crafting the best products. With that, we are proud to offer a full satisfaction guarantee on all of the products purchased online. However, we cannot replace products purchased from other retailers or restaurants. If you would like the same product but it is no longer available, we will discuss with you a satisfactory alternative. In rare instances, we reserve the right to deny our return policy to customers who we suspect are attempting to abuse the policy.

Who needs to sign for my delivery?2023-09-27T23:32:28-07:00

Only someone 21 or older with ID can sign for your delivery. The carrier will make three delivery attempts before returning the package to us. If you won’t be at home, we recommend that you use a work address or have your parcel held for pick-up at your local FedEx store.

Where can I get help with an order?2023-09-27T23:31:14-07:00

If you need any assistance with your order, need to change the address, want to send a gift, just ask us. Either call (707) 963-9327 or email info@charbaywinery.com

We’re here to help.

How quickly do you ship?2023-09-27T23:28:07-07:00

As a family-owned winery, we do it all by hand, including picking, packing and shipping. We’ll be packing orders on a Saturday and shipping these out on the following Monday. When you’ll receive your order will depend on the shipping time you selected. Please be patient with us, as we try and do it all. We know it will be worth the wait…

Can I order your Charbay spirits?2023-09-27T22:28:43-07:00

Unfortunately CA law prohibits us from selling our spirits directly to you, as we must strictly adhere to the 3-tier system. We are more than happy to find convenient options for you, though. You can start at charbay.com/find but feel free to reach out directly as well – we are happy to help!

What States do you ship to?2023-09-27T01:10:44-07:00

Due to legal restrictions we are only able to ship to the States where are products are registered: AK, CA, CO, DC, FL, GA, ID, IA, MN, MO, MT, NV, NM, NC, ND, OR, WA, WY

What pairs well with each of your Ports?2023-09-26T03:16:20-07:00

Distillers’ Port – Pairs well with ripe cheeses, roasted nuts and non-sweet cheesecake. Medium bodied cigars pair well, also. Still House Port – Pairs well with dark chocolate, semi-dry cheesecake, ripe cheeses and French bread, smoked roasted almonds/nuts. 

Why are our Brandys so expensive?2023-12-15T15:56:53-08:00

For a number of very good reasons that all related to producing the best quality possible.

  • Reduction – We lose a lot in the process of production. Why would we do that? To achieve a flavor that is outstanding. Basically it’s a 10 to 1 reduction. Meaning, when we start with 10 gallons of wine, the final distillate will be 1 gallon.
  • Fruit quality – We start with expensive Napa Valley grapes because they are the highest quality we can source. Starting with quality means we end with quality.
  • Evaporation – It’s affectionately known as the ‘angel share.’ It’s the loss that occurs through the barrel aging process. Typically 2-3% annually. You can imagine how much this really added up when we aged Brandy No. 83 for 27 years and Brandy No. 89 for 24 years.
Are Brandy and Cognac the same?2023-09-26T03:03:43-07:00

A main difference relates to grape types. French Cognac has very strict regulations governing the varietal of grapes – only white wine and must be grown in the Cognac region. California Brandy places no restrictions on the varietal or location. This gives the distiller the freedom to craft a multi-dimensional Brandy using a collection of flavors rather than a limited range. 

How can we call it “Port”?2023-09-26T03:02:19-07:00

In 2006 an agreement was signed to ban the use of “Port” unless it’s made in Douro Valley in Portugal. However, we were making Port long before that date, in the traditional way. As a historical producer we were grandfathered in, granted the right to use the word “Port” on our labels. 

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